Essence of Paradox by set and setting – Official Motion Graphics Video

There are a few great instrumental progressive metal out there–Pelican, Animals as Leaders, Scale the Summit, Blottled Science to name some. Now we can add a new band to this prestigious list.

I recently discovered set and setting from a blog post on my metal blog of choice, Metalsucks, and I instantly connected with their style. I was fortunate enough to be able to get into contact with co-owner and founder of Science of Silence Records, Tim Tatulli (a great guy) who recently signed set and setting to his label and I had the honor to create an official motion graphics video for the band.

Standing Room Only performance clips – North Hollywood, CA

Here are a couple of short clips from the recent May edition of Standing Room Only: Variety Hour produced by Michael Leon-Wooley, Kate Pazakis, Robert Lee and Kyra Selman. It took place at The Federal in the heart of the NoHo district in Los Angeles, CA. I was shooting a reality show for them and here are a couple of performances from the actual performance from Standing Room Only: Variety Hour.

Standing Room Only: Variety Hour – North Hollywood, CA

Go “LIKE” Standing Room Only: Variety Hour. One of the best friends of my life, Robert Lee is a producer on the show. I had the pleasure of shooting video for their May show and it was a ton of fun. It’s an incredibly entertaining cabaret…