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    • SPOON - Sockweb's New Video by UP Productions

      SPOON – Sockweb’s New Video by UP Productions

      It’s finally been released… SPOON by Sockweb! First premiering on Metal Injection via YouTube (where it’s already garnered over 23k views!), making it’s way to my favorite metal sites and blogs including MetalSucks and many more. And now, ultimately here… UP Productions. It’s the sequel to the widely popular song Werewolf (for which I did the first video) by father/daughter grindcore duo, Joanie “Bologna” Young and Adam “Blackula” Young.

      Mar 27, 2014
    • Rock the Wake 2013 - Pro Wakeboarding at Susanville, CA

      Rock the Wake 2013 – Pro Wakeboarding at Susanville, CA

      Taking place last Summer, June 22, Rock the Wake 2013 was once again presented by The Lassen County Farm Bureau and organized by WIllis Dow and Susanville City Council member, Nick McBride. Willis and Nick are two gentlemen, very active in their community, who are definitely two of the nicest people amongst a plethora of nice people in the great little city of Susanville, CA. They put their hearts and souls into this endeavor (now three years running) every Summer. I’m honored to have been asked back again to produce this video them.

      Dec 06, 2013
    • Photography - Mindful Midweek 9/18/13

      Photography – Mindful Midweek 9/18/13

      What makes us chronic contemplators when it comes to completing little things we know would be in our best interest?

      Is it our laziness? Do other, more significant goals or duties get in our way? Do we need a bigger cheerleading squad? I’d suggest that the worst of us offenders get together to form a Chronic Contemplators Club, but I’m sure we’d never get around to scheduling our first meeting.

      Sep 18, 2013
    • The Change Companies - Mindful Midweek Photography 9/4/13

      The Change Companies – Mindful Midweek Photography 9/4/13

      In addition to my normal videography, editing, motion graphics, web development and design I also do photography. I currently have a regular gig producing the banner image for a phenomenal weekly newletter/weekly wisdom bequeather/weekly storyteller from The Change Companies called The Mindful Midweek. It’s written by the founder of The Change Companies, the phenomenal Don Kuhl, and blasted out to whomever wishes to experience his well earned erudition.

      Sep 06, 2013