Rock the Wake 2013 – Pro Wakeboarding at Susanville, CA

Taking place last Summer, June 22, Rock the Wake 2013 was once again presented by The Lassen County Farm Bureau and organized by WIllis Dow and Susanville City Council member, Nick McBride. Willis and Nick are two gentlemen, very active in their community, who are definitely two of the nicest people amongst a plethora of nice people in the great little city of Susanville, CA. They put their hearts and souls into this endeavor (now three years running) every Summer. I’m honored to have been asked back again to produce this video them.

Rock the Wake 2012 – Susanville, CA

Now this was one of the best times I’ve had on a shoot and equally fun to edit.  Special thanks to Susanville City Councilman and wakeboarding participant Nick McBride, Willis Dow and The Lassen County Farm Bureau for their help and support in tapping me to be a part of this phenomenal project. And also thanks to all the participants …